Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carpe Diem App. ?

This is an app. for my druid, however I have not had an offficial 'main' for a while and would be happy to apply as a priest or hunter (both of whom I play just as much and at the same level of I think >.>)

1a. Character Name / Level / Class / Spec.

Synnergy / 80 / Druid / Restoration

1b. What is your offspec and how is your offspec gear?

Never been a big on having Off-specs, But I have a Feral-Tank OS atm, with a few icc pieces that I have picked up combined with some heroic feral dps and feral tank gear. But I lack expirience and i'm not to fussed with it atm.

2. Armory Link (Please remember to log out in your mainspec gear).

I'll list my other two main chars here just in case:

3. List your professions and their skill levels (Be sure to include any special recipes you have, if you specialize in Flasks etc).

I don't have any particularly great recipes >.> but i'm not adverse to getting patterns should the need arise, it just hasn't:P

Synnergy (druid)
447 leatherworking (aiming for 450 very soon:)
450 Skinning

Artemisynn (hunter)
450 Engineer (can make iceblade arrows)
450 Mining

Thankyöu (priest)
450 Herbalism
450 Alchemy (Elixer master)

Synnder (mage)
450 Enchanting
450 Tailoring

Synonym (warrior)
450 Jewelcrafting
Low low low <100 Black smithing.

Athiest (pally)
Skinning 450
Mining 450

4. How often do you play? Would you be able to meet our raid times?

I'm on everyday and yes I can meet the raid times.

5. Complete list of your WoW Raiding Experience (Vanilla WoW, TBC, WOTLK etc).

I'm a relatively new-ish player and therefore I don't have any pre-WOTLK experience, I dinged 80 on my Hunter a month or two before ToC came out.

I have done Naxx 10/25, I have done very little ulduar first 5 -6, ToC 10/25(all), TogC 10 (all), ICC 10 (11/12) and ICC 25 (6/12)
I orginally started as a hunter dps (Artemisynn played surv. MM and BM) but shortly after ICC came out I took a real liking to healing (On my priest - thankyöu). I then leveled my druid to give healing with HoTs a go and fell in love with it.
I recently got the lichking down as part of a pug led by dwarfboy which I healed as a disc. priest.

6a. What is your play style and rotations like?

I use rejuv. as my, for lack of a better term, 'main' heal. I will look for those likely to recieve damage (grid debuffs etc) or those that have taken aggro (red frame on grid) or have taken some damage and I will rejuv. them, if needed I will follow this with nourish (if they are unlikely to take further damage) or regrowth (if they are likely to take further damage) or a swiftmend followed by a full HoT work over if they are serious trouble ^.^
Regrowth if the target is at risk, or is taking continuing damage (tanks, clothies, DPS at the mercy of something like vile gas during pungeant blight) I will also incorporate it into my raid "HoT-blanket"
Lifebloom is an interesting one, I tend to use it where there are multiple people taking significant damage, such as marks on saurfang. Because as it 'Blooms' I can take my precious time off keeping that player up and refresh the HoTs keeping others up. I also use it occasionaly for spot-healing.
I use wild growth in combonation with rejuv. and regrowth to blanket a raid for large raid damage, or for things such as LDW DnD .... and any fight really where more then one person is taking damage in close proximity, it can buy me the time i need to get my HoTs out.

oh and I use a Nature's swiftness in combo with a healing touch for super-emergency-save-your-bottom heals.

I use a combonation of mouse over macros and clique on grid to heal, generally I heal mostly with the mouseovers and clique provides a back up.

I really enjoy healing as a druid, I find the ability to heal and move very fun and i enjoy being able to heal many people at the same time^.^

and playstyle, I like it when there is a challenge, it makes me feel good when we finally overcome it ^.^

(I won't go into every char here, don't want to cause TLDNR)

6b. Your strengths and weaknesses in a raiding environment.

I can watch the video a million times and read countless instructions but it just isn't the same as having a go at it, when i watch the video it seems to make very little sense, but then when i do the fight it's like 'ah-ha' a lightbulb in my head and it all makes sense. suddenly i get what they where on about in the video.
I also can be a little bit stubborn at time, but not in a pig-headed kind-of way >.> I just speak my mind and even though my intentions are always good I sometimes could use a healthy dose of tact. Interestingly I also consider my stubborness to be something that makes me a good raider, I am determined till we finish what we started and I am not shy in offering anything I think might help.

7. Please post a picture of your User Interface in a raid environment (for help with this please see our Screenshot FAQ - right click this link and open new tab/window).

And here are a few funny ones...

8. Do you have a good reliable PC and Internet connection?

Yes and Yes

9. Do you have Vent/Omen/EPGP/EPGPLootmaster? List other mods you use.

Yes, except for EPGP, but I can get that easy enough^.^

I use...
Grid and a number of healer attachments to track my HoTs
Power Aura Classic
Event Alert
Satrina buff frames

10. Do you know anybody in Carpé Diem?

Nope, not that I know of anyway^.^

11a. Previous guilds/servers.

Always been on Saurfang.
I used to run a guild called "Scion of Imperium" (social/leveling)
I moved into a guild called "Ravenwulfe Templars" (casual raiding)
I then joined "Carrion" (raiding)
Who then merged with "Inversion" which feel apart (quickly)
I then rejoined some old carrion members in "Reverse Polarity" (dedicated 10-man raid)
then I rejoined up with what had become of "Scion of Imperium" and "Ravenwulfe Templars" which is "Obsidian Knights" (Casual Raid) where I am atm ^.^

11b. Reason for leaving previous guild.

Most of the guilds I have been in have 'fallen apart', I hope i'm not some kind of bad omen >.<
The guild i am in atm, Obsidian Knights, is a great guild with great people (many who I consider my friends) but lately the raiding scene has been nothing but stress, many members would like more progression out of the 25 etc and tension is high and uncomfortable, whereas the raids themselves feel depressing like an army off to war : /

12a. Why do you want to join Carpé Diem?
I'm mostly after some new scenery, I'd like to 'get-out-there' a bit and move away from the guild circle I have been in since I started. I'd love an oppurtunity to raid, but i would settle for social ;)

12b. How did you hear about Carpé Diem?

I was looking for a guild to join a few months ago and perfectcell (Shaman - Carrion, Inversion, Reverse Polarity, Moltov.) suggested that Carpe Diem was a fairly tight knit 10-man raiding guild that was doing well. Seems things have changed here since I last considered apping my hunter (Artemisynn) a healthy progression ^.^

13. How important is loot to you? [1 (not important) - 5 (very important)]

I'm going to rank it as 2
I think it has an important role in the game we are playing and thus it is too important to be careless about. The game world has a unique set of values and rules that we play by when we play together and because I think it is a part of that i can't really give it a 1, though i'm sure that might be what you are after :P
Sure I might like to show off my Brings-all-the-boys-to-the-yard EPIC but when it comes down to it, loot is just pixels, whereas the people I am playing with are real people and loot just isn't worth much in comparison.

14. Age/Location/Occupation.


15. Please tell us a bit about yourself (include any non-WoW related information here).

I am currently studying psychology majoring in philosophy at flinder uni. and i still have no idea what I want to do with myself:P I also have aspergers, though somewhat mild on the spectrum and I suffer from a fear of telephones, though vent is fine for some strange reason : /

Bonus Question: We are about to pull Festergut and someone throws you a heavy leather ball. What do you do?

Pocket it and promise I will return it to them just as soon as they endure (and preferably participate) in a fantastic (imo) in-depth philosophical disscussion >.>

or alternatively, being that i was in my tree form I would have a bit of a QQ about how iconic my form is and how much cata makes me want to now the other person will have forgotten all about the ball and the violins are playing soft sad music.

then when they least expect it>.> <.< POW.