Sunday, September 26, 2010

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The original post is:
People that have left the guild twice

As per guild policy, you may leave the guild once and be accepted back without question, however twice does not get the same response.

Though i am not adverse to giving someone a 3rd go, it would have to be under very unusual circumstances and only if the guild is in desperate need for the class or type.

So please add those people to this list.

The ones i can remember are:



I replied:


I only left once after a blowout with Smokey >.< (and came back the next day)

Don't forget I still have Characters in Guild!

You may not be trying to 'name and shame' but having mine and smokeys name there is likening us to people who are guild Yo-Yo'ing as opposed to those who gave alot of thought to the guild goals and their own goals before deciding where to place their characters. In which case, what exactly is this meant to do? because a good friend told me once that it is an unwise leadership move to alienate people over guild moves. Trying to attribute or associate it to some fault of character is disrespectful of the fact that peoples lives will change or the guild will change and this will inevitably lead to a certain amount of flux, whether that is guild leaving or guild returning. I'm in noway suggesting that 'yo-yo'ing' is appropriate, because of course you want stable guild-members, but this system takes it to far, it is a retarded superfluous guild policy that is applied to liberally, you might be better off with a black list because 'times left guild' is not indicative of anything useful : /

Edit: I know you can side-step this with technicalities, but the intent is clear. even look at the forum it is under : / even given the benefit-of-the-doubt, you might consider re-thinking the approach to this because the impression given is negative.

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