Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things about Obsidian Knights (WoW)

On the "leave twice, don't come back blacklist"...

For all the talk of 'we need to keep track of people who leave'....they don't have majority of people who have left, they don't keep track of it...I feel as though they just wanted to blacklist the few people that pissed them off doing it and they put erandar on the 'left once' list to cover their asses. It is a thinly disguised blacklist through which they can vent their anger over people they kinda cared about leaving.

Its just they they try to side-step the real issue they have, they don this whole 'proffesional disguise' to cover the fact they are just fuming that good members left and not only did they leave, but they are doing better for it.

They wonder why people leave with antics like that, I find it hard to respect the leaders when they are so petty and disrespectful themselves. In the same way I have no respect for someone who has a huge wow-ego/epeen's no different, only they are doing it with inter-guild politics.

basically, OK dropped a few notches in respect. I feel bad for the good people that are at the whim the power-fed idiocracy and it's leaders' tendency to hold personal vendettas. I refuse to stand for being talked-down-to or over by those trying to justify their behaviour with blatant lies.

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